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The session begins with client filling out intake form along with answering questions regarding issues and goals. Client drapes chest and shoulders with a cover-up, on top of or below shirt, adhesive nipple covers are also used.

Then a visual inspection followed by the massage of breast tissue which includes identifying the capsular constriction, locating areas of severe constriction, working through these areas with a combination of massage technique along with stretching, then the applying compression bandage to the area.

Recovery time tends to be 48 hours, with breast tenderness, possible puffiness or swelling.

Clients don’t usually change their schedule for recovery, we do strongly recommend though taking it easy and getting as much rest as possible. Toxins that are stored in the tissues of the breast are released into the bloodstream, the body’s natural filtration system so staying hydrated is very important, our recommendation is alkaline water, increasing/changing supplement regime as well as eating healthy as possible to enhance the effects of the treatment.


There is no set rule on how many sessions are common, some clients use the first session as a class, taking the mission on themselves from there while others we see five or six times then upkeep a few times a year.

We want you to be as comfortable as possible, there is no wrong question other than the one not asked. This service is a resource for those seeking a nonsurgical option for a specific condition, increasing your health and wellness is our highest goal. 

The average treatment runs about an hour.